Friday, November 03, 2006

GOOG Buys U-Tube & This Is How They Announce It

Yeah, this is pretty old (Oct.9) news.

But, i just could not let it pass without featuring it on my blog for a number of reasons.

First reason and most salient of all is the stark contrast this announcement makes to the the usual and carefully PR massaged corporate announcements of this sort.

It just blows all those stuffed shirts right out of the water ! Over 2 million views of this clip only proves the point.

Second, this is a witness to the day when adhocracry rules over bureaucracy is coming ever closer.

And finally for a more real world business reason.

The entire film industry has in recent years been wringing its hands and groping for new distribution models. It has been asking itself questions like :

  • Does the movie house have a future ?
  • Which way is movie making technology heading ?
  • Will all film eventually be distributed by DVD ? etc. etc. etc.

These are such important questions for the future of the film industry that figures like Steven Spielberg have gotten involved in the discussion.

Well, in my humble opinion, YouTube could be, in the not too distant future, the pipeline of choice for movie distribution -- whether to movie houses or direct to the customer. The Google acquisition just gives the concept that much added horsepower.

So go ahead and watch Chad & Steve (again) making their announcement and watch this space for further inroads into Hollywod by the Google behemoth.

This is one Godzilla feature you will want to put some money on. I have.

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