Thursday, November 09, 2006

Golly Gee Ma It Was a Thumpin'

So said the Commander-in-Chief, or something to that effect.

Of course, there is no shortage of various politicos getting behind a microphone declaring : “We will win in Iraq”.

Maybe hearing that over and over again is supposed to work like a soothing balm or an anaesthetic on the American public.

I am sure all these politicians are, in their own way, trying to do is to neutralise the “cut & run” impressions or accusations or fears that have been emanating from various quarters. Maybe, in their own mind, they are carrying out their duty to “protect the troops”.

But, it still only comes across as American politicians sounding stupid.

Stupid because they must think people who hear these words would not for a moment stop and ask themselves the obvious follow up questions like :

• What does winning in Iraq mean ?
• And what is it we are supposed to be winning in Iraq ?

First, let’s start at the beginning.

The U.S. goes in on the basis of a LIE - no WMDs.

So already it’s a mistake, already it’s unjust and if there were real and consistent justice in the world the U.S. is NOT EVEN ENTITLED to win anything in Iraq.

Second, let's explore what "winning" might mean. Might "winning" mean establishing a stable and democratic Iraq? All peoples love democracy, right ? So what happened to the Iraqis ?Maybe they just forgot to send them the apple pie first ‘cause we’re not seeing the long promised democracy.

Instead there has been a civil war probably ever since the roof this mosque was blown off .

Of course, nobody is even admitting this much, yet. According to this blogger, that announcement may just now be around the corner. But, I think it will probably come after Saddam's execution just so it is clear there is no turning back.

Third, you have in Iraq a Muslim society so they don’t have the same values as Americans or Europeans when it comes to democracy plus you have three ethnic and religious groups that hate—hate--- absolutely hate one another.

Have any of these talking political heads figured out how they are going to make these mutually hating factions turn into peace loving altruists living for the greater good of a unified Iraq ?

Winning implies there is something within one’s power to affect some outcome or result.

They were certainly absolutely clueless about this when they completely destabilised the region.

Somehow I think unscrambling eggs usually is harder unless you are able to somehow run the film backward.

Like I said --- just stupid words.

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