Sunday, December 24, 2006

Rick Warren on Meet the Press (Psalm 72)

The TV was on this morning while we were waiting to go to church. So while flicking the channels I came upon a programme called "Meet the Press". It's one of those political interview programmes they have on Sunday mornings, a bit like the one David Frost used to have (and maybe he still does?).

I decided to stop there in my channel surfing mainly because I was intrigued that Rick Warren (Pastor of a mega-church and author of a mega best seller called "The Purpose Driven Life") was the guest.

The programme became even more intriguing when, in the context of explaining what he called the stewardship of influence, he referred to Psalm 72 . It was a mini sermon. And as you rarely get that on such Sunday morning political programmes I was listening even more intently.

He pointed out that in Psalm 72 Solomon prayed that God would magnify his influence throughout the world so that he might help the helpless. His point was that he was taking this as his model for social action.

It was time to go to church. When we got there can you guess which passage the preacher introduced as his text ? Yep, that's right : Psalm 72.

So now was my chance to get a fuller exposition.

We learn that this is a messianic psalm so that the person who will have the expansive influence and do all the great things is in fact the Messiah Himself. Solomon in this Psalm functions as the type of the Messiah.

I'm not saying that Warren was wrong in making a personal application of Scripture for his own situation but of course the primary focus of the passage is not Warren or even Solomon but the Messiah.


Gamze said...

Hi Celal,

I just came across your blog. I was wondering if you would share more about yourself and your faith. Are your parents Christians as well? When did you convert?

I have a Turkish-American friend who is a born again Christian, and he is the only Turk I know who converted to Christianity. His story was an interesting one. Would you care to share yours as well?

Celal Birader said...

Dear Gamze,

Thank you for your interest.

Click HERE and go to the comments section where I had previously posted a bio.

Gamze said...

Hi Celal,

Thanks for sharing your interesting bio.

I consider myself to be a spititual person, but do not subscribe to any religion/faith though I am fascinated by the psychology of it.

Have a happy and healthy new year!