Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hooray! I passed the Ethics Exam !

Which I took HERE, HERE and HERE.

Here it is in Dr. Field's own words :

Congratulations - you passed! (You don't really want grades, do you? I'd only give them if they stayed completely private.)

And even better are his comments on my responses which he graciously took time from his busy life to offer :

3. An interesting discussion but one which omits some of the key moral theological considerations in this matter. Pls see the course notes :

6. Some important points made here and an internally consistent position, I think. However, 1st century writers would regard Ex 21.9-10 as relevant and there is the huge question of whether Jesus's remarks are intended to be "if you ask me about Dt 24, this is what I think (but there are other things tosay about divorce)" or "this is everything I have to say about divorce". It would be good to apply principles of resistance to the tyrant, ask questions about whether capital crimes are grounds for divorce, and consider the idea of "constructive unfaithfulness/separation" as parallel to"constructive dismissal".

Please see the course notes:

9. A good answer which makes relevant distinctions and applies key biblical principles. What about betting 1p on a poker game - just to add to the fun? There are additional considerations about the impact of gambling on others which it would be good to include.

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