Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Fear of Man versus The Fear of God

Given what Jesus has to say on this subject (Luke 12:4-5 , John 5:41-44 ),

I have always been impressed by how :

  • these are opposed to one another and
  • the seriousness of the consequences inherent in having the wrong kind of fear.

So I have always wanted to understand exactly what is meant by either the "fear of man" and the "fear of God" . It has not always seemed clear cut to me .
If this is because of my sinfulness, then please do pray for me.

Otherwise, I would venture to ask, for instance, whether because I don't fear man does that then give me a licence to be obnoxious to certain persons in some way at certain times ? In that case, it is important to be clear about what those circumstances are.

So, having said all this, it is also with personal gratitude that I can report a post from David Field who has lifted some helpful quotations from F W Faber on the subject and shares them with us HERE

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