Thursday, May 25, 2006

Poem - "Stillness & Trusting"

You've called on me to trust you
and lean on your strength.

You've told me to listen
and quiet my heart.

To still this mad tumult
and detach my worries.

But stillness is hard
in a world that screams.

And trusting is hard
when I see the world's pain.

Where is the stillness
when the bomb rocks the earth?

Where is the trust
when the child is crying?

Oh God, they are crying,
Don't you hear all their fears?

Rescue these crying,
these dying, these hurt.

Save all the people
Who've called on your name.

Redeem a tired earth,
Pocked with shots and shots.

Open the eyes shut tight on this pain.

You've called me.
You've called us.
Please show us how
To give out your peace.
To hear in the violence
Your shalom -- your peace.

by Kirbee @ Memento Vivere

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