Saturday, February 11, 2006

More on Cartoon Jihad

Apparently Flemming Rose the Danish newspaper's Culture editor and the Imam Ahmad Abu Laban who took the cartoons on a Middle Eastern road show were both interviewed TOGETHER on the BBC programme "Hardtalk".

How I am sorry I missed that, but here is an interesting review of the episode.

Here is something about Flemming Rose's connection to Daniel Pipes. This information, if true, might have been relevant evidence in a court case brought against the Danish newspaper in Danish court.

A blog has suggested Danish Muslims did try to bring a court case but that the prosecutor threw it out on freedom of speech grounds.

Jan.12 online edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal has this to say about Danish Muslims efforts to seek judicial redress :

Danish prosecutor Peter Broendt Joergensen reiterated that no charges would be filed against the artists or the newspaper's editors because the drawings were a form of protected speech.

A minister of the government of Turkey mentioned on Turkish television the other day that the Danes did have a kind of blasphemy law on the books dating from 1938.

It seems the prosecutor could have proceeded on the basis of that law given an official complaint was being made, had he been so inclined.

Apparently he was not.

And so the Muslims were left with no recourse but to go on their Middle Eastern road show.

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