Friday, February 03, 2006

Danes (&Europeans) in Hot H2O over Mohamed

On Wednesday evening, there was extensive coverage of this on the Turkish news which I watch via satellite.

Granted there was really nothing about this on the TRT channels (official state channels) but things were a-stirring on the Islamic channel called “TV5”.

The highlight was a report showing folk protesting in front of the Danish and the Norwegian embassies in Ankara. In one report we see the Danish ambassador coming out to greet the protestors.

There was also another report of the leader of the “genclik kolu” or the youth wing of a party called the “Saadet Partisi”. He was reading from a statement in which he “condemned” the Danish government (of course) but also the ruling Islamic AKP party for not getting involved in the fray.

He actually used the word “lanetliyoruz” which is probably better translated as “curse” since normally the word “kiniyoruz” is used when one is “condemning” in political parlance.

So here is a thought for you – an Islamic party “cursing” another Islamic party that happens to be in power no less and in the very public act of condemning the infidel for insulting his prophet.

What a thought!

Actually there are personal jealousies involved here. Erbakan who is associated with the "Saadet" party is the "elder statesman" of the islamist movement in Turkey and hates Erdogan (leader of the ruling AKP) simply because Erdogan broke away from him, and succeeded where Erbakan failed.

In any case, here here here and here and last but by no means least here are some of the other blogs on my radar which have been talking about this.

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