Monday, January 09, 2006

A World Leader for Islam to Arise ...

. . . out of the sea ( Revelation 13:2)

What do an Islamist political party, a roman pontiff, a decaying European culture, and the protagonists of the “War on Terror” all have in common?

They all want or need (for different reasons) an Islamic Pope.

Ever since an Islamist party has taken the reigns of power in Turkey, it has become ever more commonplace for thinkers previously kept quiet by secularist governments to come out in ever higher profile ways with the revisionist agenda of rehabilitating the Caliphate. Here is one example.

To understand why the Church of Rome might be interested in a revived caliphate just check out this report.

Not a day passes without some pundit writing or talking about the declining birth rate of Native Europeans versus the rising numbers of Islamic immigrants to this continent. There is a clear urgency to stem the tide or to somehow tame or control the rising Islamic influence otherwise in a generation or at most two Europe’s Christian heritage will disappear entirely.

It should be obvious why the protagonists of the “War on Terror” might want a single, recognised, authoritative Islamic voice. The so-called “coalition countries” have done much militarily speaking; but, they have been unable to touch the cred that people like Bin Laden and Zarkawi command on the “Islamic street”. It would be nice to have someone to counterbalance this influence.

Don’t ask me the mechanics of how it is going to happen; but, if these various parties all want it to happen, the chances are very much improved that it will, one day, happen. Just remember you read it here first.

UPDATE : more on this subject HERE .

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