Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Divine Guidance Checklist

Your answers to the following questions should help you evaluate your ability to make a God-honoring decision when faced with difficult choices.

[ ] Have I asked for God’s help?

[ ] Do I show my trust for God with every area of my life, not merely this decision?

[ ] Do I obey God’s clearly revealed will?

[ ] Am I operating on the basis of good reasons rather than changing feelings?

[ ] Am I filling my mind with God’s Word so that my mind is being transformed?

[ ] Are there biblical commands or principles that apply to my specific situation?

[ ] What are the alternatives and consequences of each possible option? How do these fare when evaluated by what the Bible says?

[ ] Do my abilities and weaknesses have a bearing on the decision? How?

[ ] What decision will glorify God, build me up spiritually, and edify others?

[ ] Have I sought out worthy advisors?

[ ] Have I carefully evaluated the advice, not merely accepted or rejected it?

[ ] Is this decision a matter of my own freedom?

[ ] Do I have peace that my decision is right?

[ ] Would waiting be profitable or detrimental?

[ ] Am I determined to obey and please God?

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