Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What was God Thinking ?

It's time to leave the murky world of Middle Eastern politics for an exploration of the wide blue (literally!) vistas of science in this TIME essay by Eric Cornell

As a Christian, a creationist and a person greatly interested in science, i was pleasantly surprised by this scientist's enlightened essay. He is unique among scientists generally since he refrains from making an aggressive frontal assault on I.D. He does allow I.D. a place on the terrain of human enquiry.

He is also being quite even-handed in making a call to opponents of I.D. to exercise a certain restraint.

The real problem, i don't think is one of I.D. competing and crowding out real science. This is not openly stated but perhaps is the motivation for this essay . Yet i would say that particular "crowding out" feat has already successfully been achieved by Darwinism.

If I.D. does manages to survive all the witchunts it seems to generate elsewhere we may indeed see, as William Dembski has succinctly put it in his essay "Reinstating Design Within Science", a widened and not a narrowed field of fruitful enquiry :

"Faced with a discredited Aristotelian science, a marvelously successful
modern science, and an entrenched opposition within the scientific
community against design, why should anyone want to reintroduce design into
science? The short answer is that chance and necessity have proven too thin
an explanatory soup on which to nourish a robust science. In fact, by
dogmatically excluding design from science, scientists are themselves
stifling scientific inquiry."

Let's all stay tuned with open minds.


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