Saturday, November 26, 2005

Jesus by another name ?

Just finished reading "Desperately Seeking Paradise" by Ziauddin Sardar.

The review by Ralph Blumenau captures the essence and significance of this book by a British Muslim journalist better than any other review i have read.

Sardar mentions a certain Parvez Manzoor who comes across as a kind of intellectual mentor to Sardar's group of would be Islamist reformers calling themselves "Ijmalis".

Manzoor's agenda? Reconciling Transcendence and Existence !

Sooooo interestingly while blog surfing i came across this comment :

Jesus gets the glory. Jesus, not "Transcendence," is the name above every name.Someday every tongue will confess, "Jesus, Christ, Lord" to the Father's glory.

For context click here.


Ralph Blumenau said...

Thank you; also for your message on Amazon.

Celal Birader said...

You're welcome.