Sunday, April 27, 2008

Front Seat, Back Seat

I was running from my master, and I tried out every new thing I could find
But my life turned into one disaster, without the Lord I almost blew my mind

I was sitting in the front seat, trying really hard to be the driver
Thinking I was making real good time,
but always winding up the late arriver

But now I've been riding in the back seat,
and I see it is a very great relief
Now I'm trying out the back seat,
and I'm leaving all the driving to the chief

I went barrelling out full speed ahead,
I went a-running every stop sign that I'd see
Thinking I'd give the Lord a short cut, yeah,
but I found out he don't need no help from me

Front Seat, Back Seat
Words and Music by Chuck Girard and Tom Coomes
on Love Song
Copyright 1971

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