Sunday, February 24, 2008

Linkestan on Mathematics

Indispensability Arguments in the Philosophy of Mathematics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Golden ratio : coolio !

Tipler_PeerReview_070103.pdf :

Symmetric Groups and Group Actions : very good and easy to understand explanations


Anonymous said...

Celal, could you comments on the following article?

Celal Birader said...

Hello Anon.,

Well, an interesting project. But will it fly with the rest of Islamic world ? I doubt it. I'm sure I can already hear the Arab world laughing at these Turks trying to change the religion THEY invented. Go figure. Who do they think they are, these Turks ?

Even if it is successful and widely accepted (doubtful), so what ? What have they accomplished ? They have merely tweaked some 'system' that really hasn't even managed to deliver freedom and/or prosperity to any of its adherents for over 14 centuries. Big deal.

They shouldn't call it a 'Reformation' either. The Reformation was the powerful world changing movement that it was because it turned people back to the Bible (the word of God) which was then used by the Holy Spirit to turn sinful people to the Living, Risen and Almighty Lord Jesus.

Nothing like it will or can happen in Islam -- only if Muslims turn AWAY from these dead, dry dusty books and TO the living God, which of course is our prayer.

Moreover, a system,as in all systems, does nothing for man's (and wider) society's predicament which is sin -- only Christ is the Savior and only "the precious blood of Christ" redeems (1 Peter 1:19). End of story.