Saturday, March 31, 2007

Linkestan 2007 03 31

The so-called ‘Akdamar museum’ - Turkish Daily News Mar 30, 2007
Future of Akdamar wrapped in the word 'maybe' - Turkish Daily News Mar 31, 2007 : two reports from Akhtamar

In or out? : we are family.

Dorothy L. Sayers on Tolerance : a pretty good definition

Global Warming and ID : this thing is not going away, folks.

Iranian petition against the 300 movie : read the comments put up by the signatories

What if the Big Bang is bunk? Yes, what if ? Maybe the Bible is true after all.

Impeach George Bush : "Here, here"

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M.I. said...

I took my son to see 300 and he was cheering for the Greeks. I think a lot of us forget that we are also in good part Greek.