Wednesday, January 10, 2007

To Be Rich Is Not a Sin . . .

. . . but

"to die rich is to die disgraced"


Marc Lloyd said...

Why? What about those texts about leaving an inheritence to future generations? Quite a few Bible heros must have been disgraceful in Mr Carnegie's eyes?

Celal Birader said...

Dear Marc,

Thank you for commenting.

Which texts are you thinking about ?

Also when you say "Bible heros" you must be thinking about some particular persons and/or situations.

If so, please elaborate so we may discuss further.

From my point of view i would like to say a couple things.

First, we need to define what "rich" means. I take "rich" (from a material standpoint) to mean something more than i.e. "when i die i might, just might, leave my children with a roof over their heads". To my mind, dying rich is something beyond that.

With that in mind, i believe, therefore, that Carnegie as one who truly was a (materially) rich person did in fact die "poor" - i.e. he did not die leaving his massive pile of riches to a handful of his descendents. As far as i know, he did not create a dynasty.

So, he died "poor" but in so doing did actually leave a much richer inheritance to future generations when one considers the hundreds and thousands or maybe even millions of people in America and Britain who have benefited from his legacy.

BTW, if you have in any way used the services of the Enfield Central library you have benefitted from the Carnegie legacy.

Am i making sense ?


P.S. : I am looking forward to reading what Fieldy has for us when he, D.V, returns from America.

Marc Lloyd said...

Yes, indeed, you are making perfect sense.

Must go and look up those texts sometime. I'm sure there are lots of them. "inheritence" in the concordance or Bible Gateway might do it.

Rich Bible heros: Job, Abraham, David, Solomon, Lydia?

I've never used any of the local public libraries I'm afraid. I should cos they offer a great service. How did Carnegie come to fund the Enfield library, then?

Yes, good stuff from DF, didnt you think? Must download those lectures while the exchange rate is good!

Hows the job going?