Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mujde FM in the Izmir Area

H/T to American Turk who has gently been pointing out my lack of postings recently.

Reason is simple : we have been away on a family holiday visiting my uncle (dayi) and yenge who live near Urla which is practically equidistant from Cesme on the Aegean coast to the West and the city of Izmir to the East.

I happened to turn on the radio in the bedroom of our holiday cottage to find Mujde FM.

Mujde FM broadcasts readings from the Turkish Bible, sermons in Turkish, as well as Bible readings and sermons in French, English and German.

I figured the station is located at 102 on the FM dial . This is confirmed by Mujde FM's own web site which gives the various FM stations over which it broadcasts throughout the country.

Give it a listen if you are in Turkey.

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Turk said...

merhaba ahbi,

This the Pakistani Turk. I love Urla. I remember when growing up every summer we would go down Urla. Just before you reach Urla, liked 30 miles before there was excellent seafood resteraunt. Ah, Turkie seviglim turkie. I miss turkie.