Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ghettos shackle French Muslims

Alison at Making Headlines recounts her personal experience with the French and Muslim immigrants living in France during her studies there.

There is a necessary but little recognised distinction between opposing a false religious system and demonising flesh and blood people who may be associated with that system in some form or other.

This account interestingly underscores the primarily economic (and not religious) nature of the problems in that country. This is true at least insofar as inter-communal relations are concerned. Intra-communal problems may indeed be religious in nature.

Many if not most Christian critics of Islam are, therefore, fighting the wrong battles and actually undermining the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ instead of promoting and advancing it; which, I am sure is their real inner desire.

This may be just one more reason we are dependent on the Sovereign power and work of God.

Man does tend to screw things up.

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