Monday, March 13, 2006

God is a Holy God 2/3

The legacy of 7/7 continues.

Moreover, they are unmistakably theological legacies.

The initial theological legacy of 7/7 (and 9/11 before it) is : Where was God ?

Upon reflection one can come up with a theologically coherent and consistent conclusion which is that these incidents occur in what is called the "permissive will of God".

But is that it ?

Let's look at a passage from the book of Amos to a backslidden people :

"I sent plagues among you as I did to Egypt. I killed your young men with the sword, along with your captured horses. I filled your nostrils with the stench of your camps, yet you have not returned to me," declares the LORD.(Amos 4:10)

God actually says he "sent" these disasters on His people.

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