Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Chase Farm Hospital

This morning an acquaintance who knew I would be at the meeting with the Honourable Paul Goggins (see below re Religious Hatred Bill)called and asked me if anything was said about Chase Farm Hospital .

I then remembered that a questionnaire was left for each attendee with some questions asking things like which bits of Chase Farm Hospital should be kept etc. Then my friend continued “they’re thinking of closing Chase Farm” and when she added “it will be the fourth hospital closure in Enfield. Companies like Tesco would love to get their greedy hands on it” it was like a light bulb came on.

About a week earlier I had learned from discussion with colleagues that the expansive neighbourhood of flats opposite the Highland School actually used to be Highlands Hospital. I once nearly got lost there having taken a wrong turn and wandered around behind the little Tesco store ! It made me think how much land hospitals really do occupy. The brand spanking new flats just go on and on forever ! All that must have made some property developer a tidy sum I should think.

I don’t know whether the population of Enfield has undergone the kind of decrease which would justify four hospital closures but already 1 out of every 6 people in the Borough is over the age of 65.

Demographics tell us that this ratio will increase not decrease in the future and as we all know it’s not the young but the elderly who usually require hospitalisation.

My hope is that the MP for Enfield North has her eyes open to what suspiciously looks like some kind of asset stripping strategy at work and that she is working to frustrate any interests who may presently be lurking in the shadows waiting to profit from such.

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