Sunday, March 23, 2008

Emrah, A Turkish Muslim's Journey from Islam to Christ

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Ardent said...

Hi Celal,

I watched this video, this guy Emrah was truly troubled and it is a shame he blamed Islam.

I am muslim, born in Australia. I have two children, both educated at Private 'Uniting Church' schools, most of my friends are Christian, yet I have never found a desire to change my religion. Neither have I found the need to hit my friends over religious dialogue (as did Emrah).

I know a lot of people who have changed their religion, a turkish girlfriend became a 'Born again Christian', my Greek Orthodox friends became 'Jehovah' and their are reports of many Anglo-Saxons becoming Muslim.

I have read both books and in essence they are the same. The fact that Jesus worked for him and he was able to phase out negative aspects of his life and personality was a bonus.

My late father was an extremely caring and honest person, my brothers are caring, loving and attentive people, but I do not think that comes from religion anyway. Often people are the product of their environment rather than religion. There are many despicable Christians, Jews and Moslems and then there are wonderful people within those religions.

The Koran does believe in Christ as a Mesiah. We believe he is the son of Virgin Mary and that he rose from the dead. We believe that he did many good deeds on earth.

Muslims believe in Jesus, it is the Jewish faith that does not.

Anyway, God created all human beings. I respect all individuals, all nationalities and all religions.